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This online video tutorial teaches you detailed Customer Event Driven concepts and the skills to analyze and produce an Event Driven Business Process Model with support specifications for your organization.
This online video workshop teaches you all the content of the practitioner's tutorial and uses a comprehensive workshop case study interspersed throughout the tutorial to give you a working knowledge of Event Driven Business Process Analysis.

Business Process Analysis Practitioner's online Tutorial

Business Process Analysis Expert's online Workshop

This fast moving online tutorial teaches you how to produce a decent Process Model for any size business. It covers essential aspects of Process Analysis in less than an hour.

Business Process Analysis Introductory online Tutorial

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"Having a good Analysis Model for an organization assists greatly in moving a business from average to excellent."
We've been teaching Business Process Analysis to major corporations and government agencies for over 30 years using our Customer-Focused Event-Driven methodology.
Our online business process analysis courses are the same ones that Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies have requested we teach to their in-house IT/IS and Business staff - with impressive evaluations.

Our professional online Business Process Analysis training will give you the skills necessary to help an organization become the best in its industry.

Our customer-focused methodology shows how to use Business Process Analysis in concert with other development methods and models to obtain an efficient, productive, agile business.

What is Business Process Analysis using a Customer-Focused Methodology?

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Business Process Analysis online video Series
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Introductory Tutorial
Practitioner's Tutorial
Expert's Workshop
There are lots of models we can use to help us analyze and fully specify an organization. Business Process Analysis utilizes distinct major specifications in order to capture the processing or flow-of-work aspects through a business. Depending on how formal and specific we want to be in the specification of an organization we can utilize a number of proven types of analysis models.

It's important to recognize the difference between system and business issues. Business Process Analysis takes a "business" view of the organization's processing needs. It needs to use a business model to remove "system" issues, which are aspects of design. Models such as Data Flow Diagrams, Process Streams or Workflow models are examples of process models.

We recommend using the concept of Business Events as a means of analyzing and capturing the processing flow through an organization. Business Events are the things that happen outside an organization that it wishes to respond to.

Business Events are the most important type of Event as their responses represent the "core" business of an organization. They fulfill the organizationís mission. They always originate at whom or what is called a Customer. In a private business these are usually revenue generating events. In government they are the ones that support laws.

We must specify six components of each Event as we apply the discipline of Business Process Analysis. This leads to an Analysis Specification that will be used to obtain the most efficient, streamlined solution for an organization when we apply technology. In other words, it is the best input for when we look at what design/system solution to apply to our business processing.

All our professional Business Analysis online and onsite training uses this Customer-Focused, Event-Driven methodology to teach you:

     How to analyze an organization to discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

     How to eliminate inefficient processing and bottlenecks throughout an organization.

     How to create a professional process model of a business.

     How to streamline an organization's workflow.

     How to become Customer-Focused and increase customer satisfaction.

     How to minimize the cost of future change and expansion for an organization.

     How to help an organization become the leaders in its industry.

     And much more.
"I learned more about the optimal ways to develop business applications than I had learned in 4 years of university study...."
Robert B. Business Consultant
"I continue to talk in terms of Business Events and remind people that you introduced this concept long before the world got infatuated with Process Engineering."
"Any organization that does not take advantage of your methodology is literally throwing millions of dollars down the drain..."
Lawrence C. Independent
Jim R. Director
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"Event Driven Business Methodology"

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Our latest Analysis eBook

"How to Analyze a Business using a Customer-Focused Event-Driven Model"

Illustrations, charts and graphic models.
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This e-book describes how to analyze any size business by focusing on the essencial aspects of a business without being restricted by any old implementation technology. It goes on to describe how the result of anlaysis can be used to create a Customer-Focused, Event-Driven organization. It identifies a comprehensive methodology and the methods and models that will assist in obtaining the most efficient responses to a customer's needs.
By Brian Dickinson

"Strategic Business Planning using a Customer-Focused Event-Driven Model"

Our latest Management eBook

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Illustrations, charts and graphic models.
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By Brian Dickinson
This e-book describes a method of strategic planning for a modern business. It recommends a departure from the industrial-age organizational structure to an information-age structure. It uses a Customer-Focused, Event-Driven model applied to the management structure of an organization to produce an efficient streamlined organization.
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