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Business Process Analysis

BPA Introductory Course
This fast moving online video tutorial teaches you how to produce a decent Process Model for any size business. It covers essential aspects of Process Analysis in less than an hour using practical examples.
This tutorial teaches you how to analyze the processing aspects of any business large or small.

The subject matter is also known in the technical world as Business Process Analysis, which is an essential part of what’s known as Business Process Improvement and Business Process Management.

Analysis is the most important technical task in business improvement and done correctly will provide the most benefits and insights for any business.

This tutorial is intended to give you a good knowledge of Process Analysis using Customer Focused concepts and a reading knowledge of the analysis effort result, which is a Business Process Analysis Specification. That specification captures the Essential Business Processing and Workflow in an organization or business area.


Events - the Core of Every Organization

Creating a Process Model

Defining Data Flow - Data-on-the-move

Defining Stored Data - Data-at-rest

Specifying Business Policy - Process Specifications

The Beginning of the New Design
 -The Complete Business Process Analysis Specification
 -Identifying the new design Automation Boundary
 -Identifying Design Interfaces
 -Implementing efficient functional Compartment Teams

A Logical Conclusion for the Organization
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BPA Introductory Course
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