This fast moving online tutorial teaches you how to produce a basic Business Information Model for any size business. It covers essential aspects of Information Analysis in about an hour using practical examples.
BIA Introductory Course
Business Information Analysis

Business Information Analysis Introductory Course

Course Outline:
The Goals of Information Analysis
Overall Goal of Business Information Analysis
Supplemental Goals for Information Analysis
Data versus Metadata
The Information Model's content sources
Seeing through existing File Design
Discovering Essential Information
Events and Data Storage
The Concept of Events
What is an Event in the Business World?
Creating Essential Files via Events
Overview of Information Analysis
Definition of an Information Model
Notation of 2 popular Information Models
Example of 2 types of Information models
Components of a Business Information Specification
Analysis of Business Entities
Top Down Information Analysis
Definition of an Entity
How we form Entities
Discerning an Entity-Type and Entity Occurrences
Rules for validating Entity-Types
Discovering Entities
A sample Entity Specification
Analysis of Business Relationships
A Logical Conclusion for the Organization
Meeting our Information Analysis goals
Some closing remarks
Analysis of Business Data Elements
Definition of a Relationship
Discovering Business Reltionships
Naming Relationships
Representing Relationship Cardinality
Relationship Type and Occurrences
Relationship Connection Rules
Capturing Compound Relationships
A sample Relationship Specification
Definition of a Data Element
Discovering Data Elements
A Data Element Naming Standard
Data Element Format, Content/Domain
A Sample Data Element Specification
Forming an Organization's Information Model
Implementing the information Model
The Beginnings of Design
Course Description

Established Models for specifying Buiness spects
Seeing Essential Business Requirements
3 Important things to capture in Information Analysis
Approx. 1 hours online streaming
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This tutorial teaches you how to analyze the information aspects of an organization.

As a beginner's tutorial it is intended to give you a good knowledge of Business Information Analysis concepts and a reading knowledge of the analysis effort result, which is a Business Information Analysis Specification.

Even though this is an introductory tutorial, if you are in a small organization, you will probably find that there’s enough information in here to create a good Information Specification.
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